The executive of the Maize Association of Australia is elected by the Association's members to represent the maize industry and work on its behalf:





Stephen Wilson



Liz Mann


The table below lists the members of the current executive, along with their contact details. If you know of an issue the maize industry should be aware of, or an issue on which the maize industry should develop a position or could assist with the advancement of, please contact an executive member to discuss your thoughts.

THE MAA Executive Committee 2018-19

Stephen Wilson  (Chair) GenTech Seeds Pty Ltd. 0428 351 196
Liz Mann (EO) CEO MAA  0427 857 578 
Gerhard Oberholzer Defiance  0438 392 350
David Coddington  HSR Pty. Ltd.  0499 274 464 
Jason Scott  GenTech Seeds Pty Ltd. 0447 717 020 
Johannes Roellgen  Grower 0437 512 322 
Chris Salafia Grower 0427 695 675
Gino De Stefani  Grower 0447 717 020 
Luke Mancini  Grower 0437 512 322 
Ian Hamono Grower 0427 572 388
Steve Lanyon Grower 0429 196 222